Political Parties and Elections

D+ is committed to strengthening the internal democracy of political parties in Kosovo, since it deems it an imperative component towards the democratisation of the country.. The principal emphasis of our scope of work with political parties will be their ideological profiling, the development of internal democratic procedures and the preparation of candidates to run for elections. Furthermore, D+ will engage in strengthening the position of marginalised groups within political parties including women, youth and people with special needs. D+ is equally committed to helping the administration of elections in compliance with international standards and imbue citizens with a greater trust in the institutions that result from the electoral processes. The contribution to the improvement of the legal infrastructure, fostering the capacities of election management bodies, and raising the awareness of citizens on the significance of participation in elections, are the focus of this programme. D+ will work with local organisations in building their capacities for unbiased monitoring of elections and impartial reporting of the outcomes. In the near future, D+ aims at becoming part of international organisations that monitor elections..

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26 January, 2017Posted In : News , News-Eng

Prishtina, August 5 th , 2016, Democracy Plus held a focus group with representatives of youth organizations and experts READ MORE

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